Marketing Automation is potentially a big deal for B2B companies – one analyst firm estimates that automating marketing processes can increase revenue by 20% andreduce marketing costs by 25%.  But when I’m out meeting clients a lot of senior managers are not familiar with the term or what it means. So I’ve prepared a set of slides that provide an introduction to Marketing Automation for senior managers.

The key points are:
  • Marketing units in business-to-business (B2B) companies spend a lot of their time trying to identify the contact details of people who might be interested in their products or services – this is ‘lead generation’.
  • When they obtain contacts they pass them to their Sales team who pursue them and try to convert them to customers.
  • But the way Marketing units generate and handover contacts is often badly automated and inefficient
  • Marketing Automation means using technology and digital marketing to generate more leads and process those leads more effectively so you make more sales
  • You can use Marketing Automation in combination with your CRM or salesforce automation software

Written by Michael White

Michael White is co-founder and Managing Director of Motarme, the Marketing Automation vendor. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Motarme provides sales prospecting and lead generation services to Business-to-Business (B2B) technology, engineering and services companies.


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