The Future of B2B Sales

Business-to-business sales have undergone some major shifts in the past 5 decades, supported by technologies ranging from CRM systems to auto-dialers. Books like “Strategic Selling,” “SPIN selling” and “The Challenger Sale” have also influenced how sales teams approach their job.

Top Questions to use During B2B Sales Calls

When you are trying to sell, it’s natural that you want to talk about what your product or service can do. But you shouldn’t rush straight in to pitching your solution on a first sales call with a new prospect.

Add Value at Every Interaction

Every time you interact with someone in a sales process there are one of two outcomes – a positive one, where things are more likely to progress, or a negative one, where things are less likely to progress. If you work

How to Prepare For a Sales Call

Congratulations! Your B2B sales prospect has agreed to take a call. Now what? When it comes to B2B sales, preparation for your sales call increases your chances of success. Achieving success requires more than just having a standard sales pitch

How do you know you are hitting the correct Target Audience?

Sales lead generation means finding people who you think could be potential customers and connecting with them to see if they will buy what you are selling. In our experience about 70% of the success of a lead generation campaign

How to Write Outbound Emails

“Outbound email” means reaching out systematically to people who fit your target customer profile using email.  You can be more effective if you follow these tips and guidelines. Note on the overall approach Outbound lead generation is based on sending

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