Different Types of Lead Generation

How do you generate sales leads? Most of us have to generate a regular flow of leads to win new business. But if you achieve results with one lead generation tactic you can get ‘tunnel vision’, ignoring other possibilities. There

What are “Inside Sales” and Sales Development Representatives?

“Inside Sales” is a rapidly growing model for business-to-business (B2B) sales.  Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are a key part of that model and there is a big increase in hiring SDRs, especially among technology companies.  This post provides a simple

How To Convert More Sales Leads with Lead Nurturing

Are you converting enough of your sales leads to customers?  A study by the CMO Council estimated that companies waste up to 80% of sales leads because they don’t follow them up effectively.  Sales teams do a good job pursuing

What Is the Business Case for Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation systems help you automate repetitive tasks linked to acquiring new customers. In this post I give a quick definition of what marketing automation systems do, and then put together a business case for implementing the technology. What is

Quick Guide To Outbound Lead Generation

If you are a B2B technology or software company, there are 2 main options for lead generation: Inbound lead generation (aka online lead generation) Outbound lead generation. Inbound should be a source of 30% or more of your leads.  But

How to Automate B2B Lead Generation

How To Automate B2B Lead Generation | Motarme from Motarme Marketing Technology   A quick overview of how to automate B2B Lead Generation including: what problems are we trying to solve; how can you generate leads in B2B – inbound

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