Motarme generates sales leads for you

Motarme provides sales prospecting and lead generation services to B2B companies.  We automate these services using our own in-house software.

We work with Business-to-Business technology, software, services and manufacturing companies. Our customers include: Siren, Bear Robotics, Leading Edge, Sonitus, Comply Key, Electronix Services and Bellurgan.

What We Do

We help you generate sales leads by identifying prospects that match your target profile, automating sales emails, tracking responses, and integrating to your CRM system. We also provide an Account Based Sales service, where we run a more intense, focused campaign to contacts at higher value accounts, using a mixture of direct mail, phone and social media.

We were founded in 2013. Our head office is in the CoLab Business Innovation Centre at the ATU campus in Donegal, and we have a sales office in New York.

We are privately owned by our 2 founders, with investment from the state enterprise agency Enterprise Ireland and a number of private investors through Spark Crowdfunding.

Michael White

Co-founder / Managing Director

Michael co-founded Motarme in 2011 and is responsible for product development and sales. Michael was previously Head of Marketing at multi-million software firm Singularity (acquired by Kofax). Prior to Singularity Michael was Senior Product Manager with Siemens ISS (Guardeonic) in Dublin and Munich. He has also held roles with Deloitte, Marrakech, Elavon, Misys Corporation and AIB. Michael has worked in Colombia, Kenya, Malawi, Jamaica and across Europe including Ireland, the UK, Holland and Germany. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin (1990) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing (2004) and was a joint winner of the Internet Growth Acceleration Program (iGap) in 2013.

Annmarie Doherty

Co-founder / Operations Director

Annmarie manages the company finances and operations. Prior to founding Motarme  she ran her own PR & Marketing consultancy and is a former CEO of both Blanchardstown and Drogheda Chamber of Commerce. Annmarie holds a degree in Business and Economics from Trinity College Dublin (1992) and a Master’s degree from University College Dublin (1994).

Why Choose Motarme?


We generate a predictable positive response rate day-by-day, week-by-week.

Track record

We have delivered successful campaigns for business-to-business technology, software, services and manufacturing companies for over a decade.

Finding the right people faster

A key challenge in lead generation for B2B companies is finding the right people, particularly in niche industries. We have the technology and experience to find the right people in the right companies quickly and accurately.

Best practice processes

We have a clearly defined process for verifying your Ideal Customer Profile, communicating your value proposition and executing your outbound campaigns. We also have a defined Account Based Sales process that enables us to deliver effective campaigns and consistent results.

Cost per lead and Lead Quality

Our cost per lead is lower than many alternatives (e.g. Tradeshows) and the quality of lead we produce is generally higher.


We can start within days and produce high quality leads from the start of the campaign.

End-to-end service

We generate the contacts, develop the messaging, execute the campaign and provide weekly reporting. We remove the hassle of lead prospecting from you and your team, so you can concentrate on higher value sales activities.

Talk to us now

If you want to find out more information about our Services, talk to Motarme today. Contact us at

Motarme provides sales prospecting and lead generation services to Business-to-Business (B2B) technology, engineering and services companies.

Motarme Ireland

Colab Innovation Centre

Atlantic Technological


Letterkenny, Donegal

Tel +353 74 9116689

Motarme USA

345 Park Ave

17th Floor

Ireland House

New York 10154

Tel (332) 245 0205


UK Contact:

+44 20 45795902

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