Sales Prospecting is the process of finding and making contact with potential customers.

Motarme can help you by finding the right people and making contact with them on your behalf.
We find companies that match your target profile – companies in your target industry sectors, in target locations, that match specific criteria like size or revenue range. We then find people in those companies who are typically the decision makers you need to connect with.

We can generate suitable prospects on an ongoing basis, so your business is always adding new prospects to your sales funnel.

1. Define Who You Want to Target

You tell us who you’d like to sell to – what industries, what size of company, what kind of role you want to target.

2. We Find and Verify Prospects

We generate a list of prospects that match your profile. You review to make sure they are on target. We only contact people you’ve approved.

3. Prepare Sales Messaging

We draft the initial outreach communications based on your existing sales materials and our knowledge of what does and does not work. We pass this draft sequence to you for review.

4. Outreach

We then begin contacting the prospects using multiple methods, primarily email supported by phone, social media and direct mail outreach. Motarme executes this outreach process for you so that it happens systematically, week-by-week, on your behalf.

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Motarme provides sales prospecting and lead generation services to Business-to-Business (B2B) technology, engineering and services companies.

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