Outbound Email (or “Cold Email 2.0”) is a core tool for Outbound lead generation and an efficient way to target prospective customers.

Outbound email is much more efficient than having a sales rep cold call contacts on a list, given the typically low response rates to cold phone calls.

We draft an email sequence tailored to your business using a message structure that we know generates responses. Once you review and approve this message sequence, we execute the actual outreach, sending emails to your target prospects.

We automate this outreach process for you so that it is executed systematically, week-by-week, on your behalf.

As your campaigns generate positive responses your team can then follow up with phone calls, online demos and meetings.

In a Standard Outbound Lead Generation, we target prospects primarily using email, supported by phone, social media and direct mail where appropriate.

For a Standard Campaign we:

  • Generate your target lists of contacts, matching a profile you define.
  • Write the text for your email sequence, based on best practice.
  • Automatically send those emails to the target lists at the right time.
  • Forward all campaign responses to you in real time.
  • Remove any contacts from the list who responds positively or negatively so they don’t get sent additional emails.
  • Generate a weekly report showing your campaign statistics and recommending improvements.

This produces a predictable flow of high quality responses – people who match your profile and who agree to take a phone call or meeting.

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Motarme provides sales prospecting and lead generation services to Business-to-Business (B2B) technology, engineering and services companies.

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