How to use PR to promote your business

Motarme– Quick Guide to PR For some companies, particularly B2B and technology companies, PR is considered a little frivolous – a ‘would like’ rather than a ‘must have’. We advise anyone who thinks that way to think again. PR should

Social media and snake oil

Who’s legit and who’s fake when it comes to social media? Two contrasting views on the topic come from Olivier Blanchard with his article “Is your social media director qualified?”, and “Attacking the social media lynch mob” by Jay Baer.

A manager’s guide to Digital Marketing

This is a presentation I gave recently on Digital Marketing, aimed at business managers.   The presentation lists the online tools you can use before describing each digital marketing technique in a little more detail.  Topics covered include web-site design and landing

10 Trends for Social Media in 2010

A great presentation on 10 Trends for Social media this year from C. Edward Brice, brought to my attention by theB2BMarketingZone newsletter.  There are a lot of stand-out slides highlighting the move of budget to social marketing, the convergence in mobile internet access

Global time spent on social networks rises 82%

A news item from Marketing Charts today reports an 82% rise in time spent on social networks, based on research from the Nielsen Company comparing December 2009 with December 2008.  Global consumers spent an average of 5 hours 35 minutes in December 2009,

Rise of the Social Media function

A good post by Michael Gerard of IDC on the potential uses of social media within B2B marketing organisations.  His suggestions include: Establish a direct, relevant connection with your customers as a source of voice of the customer for new product development

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