Adwords ROI and report dates

Good post by Brian Carter at the  Search Engine Journal blog on why “Your adwords ROI is better than you think“.  He highlights that the date range you choose when reporting on Adwords conversions could make a big difference to the % conversion

Want to create your first iPhone app?

A guide to writing your first iPhone application, published in Smashing magazine.

Twitter resources

More information from “Who’s Blogging What“, this time focused on “The Most Useful Marketing Posts on Twitter“.  It includes a link to a slidedeck from Ogilvy that shows how they recommend you use Twitter for branding.  Also has a link to Twitter’s own guide, “Twitter for

Using words to convince, not confuse

How difficult is it to communicate precisely what we mean?  In marketing, PR, sales (and in many other walks of life) you must be able to convey your message concisely, unambiguously and in a way that strikes a chord with the recipients.  On this

Lead generation for Professional Services

One vital question for anyone establishing or trying to grow a consultancy  is ‘how do we generate a regular stream of new business?’ – you can’t simply rely on good luck and a sunny disposition.  One of the best guides I’ve

Business blogging tips

A good post at Self Publishing Helper on  Business Blogging Tips.  It provides great advice on setting out a schedule for writing posts, identifying potential topics and generating content.  The post also provides some tips on how to set up your blog on

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